About our Flax Seed Pillows

Our Flax Seed Pillows have proven to be a fabulous tool for both the health professionals and individuals. They were designed based on more than 25 years of professional experience and numerous applications.

We have a number of various styles. The Neck Embracer is great  for use in the office and for extended computer use. The Travel Pillow is light weight and easy to transport in a carry-on bag. The Cuddle Pillow helps relieve back pain. Lay it on your bed for added back support while you sleep. The Snuggle pillow is lighter weight, making it ideal for young children or older relatives. Mouse Wrist Support helps relieve wrist strain.

The pillows are filled with 100% Flax Seed. We carefully choose Designer Fabrics and made sure the Cover can be washed.  Every pillow is hand made in the USA, supporting women. Therefor there can be slight differences in shape or weight. The pillows come without any scents added because of allergic reactions – You always can add your own preferred Essential Oils. A few drops on a pillow are sufficient.

Our Flax Seed Pillows help relax the body, calm the mind, and help relieve and reduce insomnia, pain, cold feet, headaches, arthritis and more. You will discover many reasons and ways to use our pillows. Be creative and explore their benefits and versatility. By adding quite a few pictures to this website, we hope you get some great ideas.

The Neck Embracer is great as a back support or a fabulous bed-buddy. Some customer report to take the pillows every night to bed and on travels and vacations. The Neck Embracer is versatile enough to use for wrapping around knee or elbow injuries.

For additional benefits, heat or chill the pillow to relieve aches and pains. The Neck Embracer is the key to help reach your health goals.

This versatile Cuddle Pillow can be heated or cooled depending on your needs, use it in bed to relax yourself, or while watching TV. So many uses you won’t know what to do without your Flax Seed Cuddle Pillow!

Also, for us “on-the go individuals” the Travel Pillow is the perfect solution to comfort and relaxation at your fingertips. (Wherever you go, you will find a microwave e.g. gas stations, hotels, even on airplanes 🙂

The Travel Pillow works great for children, and the elderly as a smaller version of the Neck Embracer. Use for relief from back aches, neck pains and even cramps! So many uses, you won’t want to leave your home without your relaxing Travel Pillow!

Our clients have also told us that it makes a creative toy for children.

A Snuggle Pillow can be your answer to a better, more relaxed you! Like the other great flax seed pillows you can heat or cool the Snuggle Pillow for maximum benefits, and additionally wash the slip-cover for cleanliness, specifically for children.

Room temperature, chilled or slightly heated our Eye Pillows help with headaches, migraines, sore and tired eyes and block out light. They are filled with 100% flax seed without any added aromas or essential oils to prevent skin irritation around delicate areas.

In addition to ergonomically positioning your wrist, a Mouse Wrist Support Pillow helps you to relax your shoulders and neck. Heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer will give you additional comfort.