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Flaxseed Pillows have proven to be a fabulous tool in our Praxis for our clients. The following are some of the ways to use the pillows to aid your clients be more comfortable and to fully relax. You may find many more reasons and ways to use the pillows. Be creative and discover their versatility.

Here is what you need:

health professionals Pillow on neck– Tuck a couple of pillows under the sheet to warm up your massage table before clients arrive.
– Use as a compress and let the pillow’s heat penetrate areas of pain.
– For comfort and increased deep relaxation during a massage session place a hot pillow on your client’s stomach, under the low back, under the neck or on/around both feet.
– A heated Flax Seed Pillow on the tummy helps clients relax, warms up their hands and therefore their body.

– Keep the room cool for yourself and your clients warm by putting a couple of heated Flax Seed Pillows on your client’s feet during treatment.
– Employ Flax Seed Pillows to support your therapeutic work.

Pillow Set on Back, Health Professionals– Place a warm pillow under the stomach (client is prone). This reduces the swayback in the lower back, giving you better access to the lumbar spine. It also helps the digestive system.
– Used as a Liver Pack they support detoxification and calm the mind.

– When a client doesn’t like to use the face-rest, support the shoulder closest to the face with a warm Flax Seed Pillow. This eases the twist in the neck. In addition, your client feels warmer when you work the shoulders and the back.

pillows on feet– Flax Seed Pillows are of great benefit when used in conjunction with acupuncture treatments: place the pillows under the heals, lower or upper back, on the stomach, or under the neck.
– Use Flax Seed Pillows with essential oils to target your clients’ specific and changing needs.

– Flaxseed Pillows are tiny, slippery seeds that easily form to the body by wiggling into it.