Animal Collection

We have a variety

of Animal Collection Prints available: leopard and cheetah, small and large zebra prints, dragon and dragonfly, as well as frogs, snake, butterfly and bird prints. Although this is just  to name a few. The patterns of some of the fabrics are woven, others are beautiful prints. You will see the difference in the enlarged pictures. Just click on the selected pillow.  It will pop up larger. If you like your choice on the big picture version click the order button and place it in the shopping cart and at your check-out page you are able to easily delete what you don’t want and keep your favorites.

This is a fun and decorative selection. Place or leave your Flax Seed Pillows wherever it pleases you. Their beauty makes a personal statement in your living room, your bedroom or wherever you leave and use them.

The animal collection is a fun gift for anyone you care about.

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