Cuddle Pillow

Our comfortable

rectangular Cuddle Pillow is great for many uses. You may use it on your tummy or lay on the pillow to release back and shoulder aches and pains. People who suffer from arthritis experience great relieve by wrapping the pillows around the affected areas. If you are suffering from cold feet (great for those of us who like to go barefoot) simply toss it on the floor and put your feet on top. Also anyone who experiences cramps related to intestinal, PMS receive soothing comfort and release by applying a nicely warm pillow on their tummy.

In conclusion there are many great colors and shapes of flax seed pillows to choose from in our store. Click on the pictures below or on the next pages and add your choices to the shopping cart. You will be able to delete anything you change your mind on there. This is a simple way to find the perfect pillow color or pattern for your needs to match them to your home environment.

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