Small Eye Pillows

Our small eye pillows

are designed to soothe and comfort your eyes as well as black out light to helping to get calm or meditate. The weight is such that you barely feel it. And yet it gives you that extra pressure to deeply relax your eyes and your body. Room temperature, chilled or slightly heated our Eye Pillows help with headaches, migraines, sore and tired eyes.

They are filled with 100% flax seed and have a very slight natural grainy scent. We didn’t add any added aromas or essential oils to prevent skin irritation around delicate areas. Furthermore not everybody likes the same smell. If you wish to use your favorite aroma therapy you always can use one or two drops on the outside of the pillow. Make sure it doesn’t touch your eyes, because essential oils are very concentrated. Pure essential oils will evaporate fully and next time you can decide on another aroma.

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