Neck Embracer

Our Neck Embracer

This relaxing half-moon shaped Neck Embracer flax seed pillow is very versatile. It can be used straight and flat or bent to snuggle around your neck. To comfort your shoulders wrap it in such a way around your neck that the opening of the cover is on the outside of the back. It works fabulously well to prop up your head to read or relax by bending the corner under to make it bulky. Furthermore can use it while watching TV or stream.

The Neck Embracer also works great as a back support or a fabulous bed-buddy. Some customer report to take the pillows every night to bed, on trips and or vacations. To heat your pillow for more comfort ask the flight attendant or service at the hotel. On a car trip you’ll find a microwave at almost all gas stations. Wrap the pillow in a plastic bag to keep it clean.

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