Searching the Site

There are several ways to search for your favorite pillow colors and shapes & their usage:

  1. Click on Pillows in the top navigation bar and you’ll find a drop-down menu with all the pillow types as listed on the second navigation bar.
  2. Click on Collections in the top navigation bar – you can choose from Animal prints to Flowers to Seasons etc. prints including Silk patterns.2016-Free Shipping-65 copy
  3. Info & Tips – drop-down menu  gives you all the information you need on how to use, apply and care for the pillows,  e.g. heating or chilling.
  4. You will find ‘how-to’ information for Health Professionals
  5. Click on a pillow you like, you will see (under “Add to Cart”) the Collections this particular pillow is listed, titled ‘Categories’.
  6. On the top right you’ll see a field “Search” – type in any Name or Color, e.g. blue, grey, Butterfly and all the pillows which have blue or grey or Butterfly will show.GIFT WRAP on Blue 1
  7. Default sorting” is another way to search for Pillows as well
  8. We have a Sales tab in the middle of the 2nd navigation bar to find all the pillows on Sale – with a great selection to choose from.
  9. The prices reflect the choice for Gift Wrapping. 

We are certain you will have fun to find the perfect match for your interior design, your living room or bedroom or the perfect gift for your loved ones.