Here are many different ways and applications on how to use our Natural Flaxseed Pillow

 – ApplicationsRead and relax with your pillow around your neck or warming your tummy or feet.

– Flax Seed Pillows are ideal as bed-buddies because the pillows won’t wake you up.

 – Soothe inflamed joint

 – Cozy up to a Cuddle Pillow and Neck Embracer for a pleasurable way to feel comfortable and relaxed

– For your specific needs combine Essential Oils with heated Flax Seed Pillows.

– For great relaxation apply some body lotion with Lavender Essential Oil to your skin. Place a hot pillow under your hips and elevate your legs with a big Pillow under your knees or place your feet on top of a cushioned chair or ottoman.

Applications DF reading-2 copy– Keep cool in summer by applying a pillow from your fridge or freezer. Wrap a Neck Embracer around your neck to cool your whole body.

Sleep with your windows open for fresh air and snuggle up with your heated Neck Embracer and Cuddle Pillow. It’s so soothing, it will help you  go fast to sleep.

Reduce your energy bill by using your pillow as a Cold-Pack on hot summer days and nights,

At your desk or while walking around our Neck Embracer Pillow sits comfortably on your shoulders and around your neck.

– If you have PMS or Cramps, place a heated Flax Seed Pillow on your tummy. This is a very soothing way to get comfortable.

Keep your body warm in winter (or on cool mornings or evenings) by placing a heated pillow around your neck or simply under your feet.

Applications -Jamie at work copy– If you suffer from cold hands while working at your desk, heat your Mouse Pad Pillows for about 1 minute then apply to your wrists. You will feel your hands warming up.

If your feet get cold when you are at your desk or at home, place your feet on top of a heated pillow.

– If you feel too hot,  place a chilled Neck Embracer aound your neck.

– For headaches or a fever,use a chilled Cuddle Pillow on your feet your feet.

Our Pillows Work fabulously with Essential Oils

– Use Essential Oils such as Peppermint, Lavender or Rosemary on your temples and cover your eyes with an Eye Pillow. Besides comfort, this will help clear headaches and cool the body.

Applications DF Feet copy– For additional warmth place a heated Cuddle Pillow on the floor under your feet.

– Prevent or help heal coughs by rubbing a few drops of Essential Oils such as Thyme, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Marjoram or Lavender on your own or your loved one’s chest. And make sure you mix the pure essential oil with some lotion. The warmth of the heated pillow will  therefore help to  penetrate the essential oils with the heat of a warmed Flax Seed Pillow.

– Heat a baby or child’s bed with a warmed Snuggle or Travel Pillow before they go to nap or sleep to help them feel warm as soon as they lay to rest.

Applications Alexis-Hat & Kiss 

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