Snuggle Pillow

This little Snuggle Pillow

is the size of a piece of paper and perfect for relaxation! It is the smaller version of the Cuddle Pillow, and it is lighter in weight (1.6 LB), The Snuggle Pillow easily stands for a versatile alternative to a pillow in your home. When we created this size we had in mind your children, yourself, and people who are sensitive to weight.

A Snuggle Pillow can be your answer to a better, more relaxed you! Take it anywhere, it’s not that heavy. Like our other great flax seed pillows you can heat or cool the Snuggle Pillow for maximum benefits, and additionally wash the slip-cover only (not the inside bag with the flax seeds) for cleanliness, specifically for children. Make sure to air-dry the cover, it may shrink in the dryer, because we mostly use cotton design fabrics.

Have fun in your choosing!

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