2016-Janunary-Coupon-275-Free Shipping-65Our Flax Seed Pillows have proven to be a fabulous tool for both the health professional and individuals. They were designed based on more than 25 years of professional experience and numerous applications.

The pillows are filled with 100% Flax Seed, have a Designer Fabric cover to wash, and are hand made in the USA. They have no scents added, because of allergic reactions – You always can add your own preferred Essential Oils.

Our Flax Seed Pillows help relax the body, calm the mind, and help reduce or alleviate insomnia, pain, cold feet, headaches, arthritis and more. You will discover many reasons and ways to use our pillows. Be creative and explore their benefits and versatility.


      • Neck Embracer

      • 1004 TP Sunny Farm

        Travel Pillows

      • 212-CP Blue Green

        Cuddle Pillows

      • 1004 SN Sunny Farm

        Snuggle Pillow

      • MP 101 Furry Leopard 2

        Mouse Wrist Support

      • -SALES


      • 212-CP Blue Green

        Eye Pillow