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Our Flax Seed Pillows have proven to be a fabulous tool for both the health professional and individuals. The pillows are filled with 100% Flax Seed and have no added scents. Learn More

We have a number of various styles. The Neck Embracer is great  for use in the office and for extended computer use. The Travel Pillow is light weight and easy to transport in a carry-on bag. The Cuddle Pillow helps relieve back pain. Lay it on your bed for added back support while you sleep. The Snuggle pillow is lighter weight, making it ideal for young children or older relatives. Mouse Wrist Support helps relieve wrist strain. Learn More


      • Neck Embracer

      • 1004 TP Sunny Farm

        Travel Pillows

      • 212-CP Blue Green

        Cuddle Pillows

      • 1004 SN Sunny Farm

        Snuggle Pillow

      • MP 101 Furry Leopard 2

        Mouse Wrist Support

      • -SALES


      • 212-CP Blue Green

        Eye Pillow