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Caterina,  a Holistic Health Practitioner for over 30 years, designed and produced a range of Flaxseed Pillows. It all started when she began searching for products to increase comfort and deeper relaxation for her clients during a massage session. All her life she was intrigued by products that come straight from nature. Flaxseed is just one of these plants she uses for her line of pillows to heat for warmth and comfort. She designed and developed a collection to meet the needs of her practice and clients. 

Her line of FlaxSeed Pillows is made from high quality flax seeds, an inside bag for the seeds and an attractive, removable, and washable cover.  We also considered the size of the microwave and the actual weight. I believe most importantly to create an adaptable size to accommodate many, many applications.

We offer a variety of fabrics from pure Cotton and Linen to mixed fibers. The pillows will be described more so and in detail in the shopping area. 

Enjoy choosing a pillow that makes you smile.