A Short Description About Our Cuddle Pillow

Our comfortable rectangular Cuddle Pillows are convenient for an amazing many uses, for example on your tummy or to  sit on a heated Cuddle Pillow for hip pain. To release back aches simply lay on it.

If you suffer from joint pain experience great relieve by wrapping the pillows around the affected areas. – I usually take a towel to assist the wrapping to stay in place. –

Are you having regularly cold feet?  Simply toss a Cuddle Pillow on the floor and put your feet on top (great for those of us who are barefoot fans). Having warmth on your feet affects your whole body.

For someone who experiences cramps related to your intestines or PMS receives soothing comfort and release by applying a nicely warm pillow on their tummy.

In conclusion there are many great colors and shapes of flax seed pillows to choose from in our store. Click here to go to the shop pages and add your choices to the shopping cart.

We have sets and single Flaxseed Pillows available in all sorts of colors and patterns. – see for yourself!

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