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Orchard Dreams Travel Set

Orchard Dreams Travel Set

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The Orchard Dreams Flaxseed Pillow is a soft and luxurious cream colored pillow featuring a delightful fruit print design, including apples and grapes. Filled with natural flaxseed for comfort and potential pain relief.

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Indulge in a touch of fruity sweetness and luxurious comfort with the Orchard Dreams Flaxseed Pillow by Flaxseed Pillow. Crafted from a silky, shimmering cream fabric, this pillow features a delightful design showcasing a variety of fruits, including apples and berries. The vibrant print adds a touch of playful charm to your sleep sanctuary, while the all-natural flaxseed filling provides potential pain relief and relaxation. The flaxseeds conform to the shape of your body, promoting proper alignment and potentially reducing aches and pains.


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